Webinar on Mapping Mature and Old Growth Forests

Update: the webinar has been posted and is available for viewing:

With only a fraction of mature & old growth forests remaining across the US, identifying where these stands remain is vital for efforts to protect drinking water, biodiversity, and our climate. On August 3rd at 11am PST, Dr. Dominick DellaSala, Chief Scientist at Wild Heritage, will discuss his groundbreaking research creating the first Coast to Coast Mature/Old Growth Assessment for the USA. The webinar is brought to you and co-sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Forest Climate Alliance, John Muir Project, the Climate Forests Campaign, Forest Carbon Coalition, and Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project.

The webinar will discuss mature and old growth forest protections in the context of President Biden’s recent Executive Orders on 30×30, mature and old growth forest inventories, and natural climate solutions. Dominick will provide detailed summaries of the carbon, biodiversity, and drinking water benefits of the nation’s 400 million acres of mature/OG forests as well as how much is protected (only 24%) and vulnerable (76%, 51 million acres) to logging on federal lands.

Webinar Details: Mapping Mature and Old Growth Forest Coast to Coast with Dr Dominick DellaSala Wednesday August 3rd, 11am PST / 2pm EST

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