Donations both small and large are essential to keep our ecological protection work going.

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Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project also accepts donations of equipment, field gear, office supplies, and other items. We are particularly in need of: GPS units, laptops, digital cameras, diameter tape measures, compasses that can also measure slope, non-perishable food. Contact us at 541-385-9167 if you have items you can donate or if you have any questions. We are a small non-profit organization, and every dollar goes a long way.

Columbia white-tailed deer in the Ragged Ruby timber sale (Malheur NF)

You can mail checks:
Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
Eugene Office
1560 Chambers St.
Eugene, Oregon 97402

Please send in-kind donations such as field equipment or non-perishable food items to:
Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
27803 Williams Lane
Fossil, Oregon 97830

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project has been working to protect and restore the ecosystems of Eastern Oregon for since 1991. We work to stop or modify projects on federal lands that threaten ecological integrity and biodiversity, such as logging, road building, livestock grazing, herbicide and biocide use, and mining. Our work area includes the Blue Mountains in the Malheur, Ochoco, and Umatilla National Forests, and the Eastern Oregon Cascades in the Deschutes National Forest. Our work is important for the conservation of numerous species, including salmon, wolves, lynx, rare woodpeckers, Pacific fishers, marten, and wolverine.

Marsha in the Sunrise timber sale

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project is the only organization in the geographic region that field surveys every major timber sale. Every summer, our volunteers help us field survey thousands of acres of proposed timber sales. Their survey sheets and photos become evidence used in our comments to the Forest Service, and in potential negotiations and litigation. BMBP has a proven track record of successfully defending forests from ecologically destructive timber sales and other projects. We have stopped the logging of many thousands of acres of forests, including ancient and never-logged forests, post-fire and riparian areas, moist mixed-conifer forests, and potential wilderness and roadless areas. You can read more about our some of our key accomplishments here.

BMBP is a tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Thank you for helping to protect forests and streams on public lands in eastern Oregon!

Mariposa lily