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Isobel, helping at our 2017 Annual Benefit. Isobel has helped with organizing several of BMBP’s recent benefit shows.

Volunteer opportunities with Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project:

Most of our volunteers participate in our summer field surveying program. Every summer, dozens of volunteers help us to field survey thousands of acres of timber sales on National Forests in eastern Oregon. The information we collect in the field is used as evidence in public comments, and in negotiations and litigation. We train volunteers in plant and wildlife identification, what to look for in proposed timber sale areas, map and compass orienteering, and other skills to help us stop or significantly modify logging in the Blue Mountains. You can read about this option here.

Tara helping with the raffle at our 2017 Annual Benefit

Other volunteer opportunities:.

If you are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities below, please contact Paula Hood, our Co-Director, at or 510-715-6238.

Social media: BMBP is currently looking for a social media volunteer intern. We are also looking for people with video and photography skills that can help us document the work we do and promote BMBP.

Activist organizing: We are looking for volunteers to help us with public outreach events. Volunteer opportunities include helping us set up a speaking engagement, organizing a fundraiser, soliciting in-kind donations (such as non-perishable food for our field season), and tabling at events.

Policy-related volunteer opportunities: Want to learn more about commenting on public projects? We will train you how in writing public comments and help you engage in our forest advocacy through the NEPA process.

A Stick and A Stone playing at one of our recent benefit shows.

Music and art: If you have artistic skills and are willing to donate your time or creations, please let us know! We need musicians to perform at our annual benefit each spring. We also very much appreciate any art or crafts that are donated for our raffles or auctions at our benefits.

If you want to volunteer in the field through our summer internship program, visit our Volunteer in the Field page, and contact us at:

(541) 385-9167

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
27803 Williams Lane
Fossil, OR 97830


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