Panel on logging in streamside corridors, John Day, Oregon 2017

This video is PART 1 of the panel discussion on logging in streamside corridors that took place in John Day, Oregon 2017. We were very honored to have visiting scientists Dr. Chris Frissell and Dr. Chad Hanson share their research and expertise as panelists and on the field trip. Dr. Frissell is a Consulting Researcher and Affiliate Research Professor at the Flathead Lake Biological Station, University of Montana. Dr. Hanson is the Principle Ecologist at the John Muir Institute. Both scientists have published extensively in their respective fields. Dr. Frissell’s work focuses on water quality and fish; Dr. Hanson specializes in fire ecology and wildlife.

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project organized this event. Blue Mountains Forest Partners co-sponsored the event. The day’s events included a morning field trip visiting two streams with proposed commercial and non-commercial logging in streamside corridors n the Camp Lick timber sale. We remain very concerned that the agency, collaborative groups, and other groups advocating for logging in RHCAs continue to ignore key science on these issues. We are committed to continuing to challenge agency proposals to commercially log in RHCAs. The collaborative group did not respond to our concerns or to specific scientific evidence and research we submitted in relation to logging in RHCAs– yet voted in favor of broad support for agency proposals to log in RHCAs.

Thanks to Jeff Schwilk for videotaping the afternoon panel. Thank you everyone who participated and helped!

Part one of panel discussion:

Part 2 of panel discussion:

Part 3 of panel discussion:

Part 4 of panel discussion:

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