Streamside Logging and Climate Change

This video is about the Camp Lick timber sale on the Malheur National Forest. Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project is very concerned about the negative affects logging will have on the biodiversity and ecology in this area. We are also concerned about how logging, the roads associated with logging, and widespread livestock grazing will exacerbate the effects of climate change on these forests. Please contact us to find out more about timber sales in eastern Oregon, and to help us defend and restore forests on public lands.

Update on the Camp Lick sale (5/2019): When this video was made in 2017, the Camp Lick sale was just past the public comment stage for the Draft Environmental Assessment that was published by the USFS. Since then, the Forest Service published the Final Environmental Assessment, which included minor modifications to the Camp Lick sale. Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project submitted an objection to the sale. The sale has been on hold for over a year.