Online Donation In Transition

Our online donation site, WePay, has stopped taking invoices so we are in transition to a new donation site. In the meantime, please mail all donations to:

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
27803 Williams Lane
Fossil, OR 97830

with checks made out to “League of Wilderness Defenders”

Each year we continue our summer volunteer internship program field-surveying proposed timber sales from the beginning of June until the last weekend of September and we’re fundraising to cover our new Co-Director Paula’s pay and our other expenses.

Please Donate as much as you can to help our work continue!
$10,000 could cover most of Paula’s pay for a year
$5,000 could cover almost half her pay
$1,000 can fund the expense of a lawsuit
$500 can cover needed truck repairs
$250 can pay for telephone bills
$150 can pay for another GPS unit for volunteers
$75 or $50 can cover printing and postage costs.

Any amount is welcome! Please send donations to the return address below, with checks made out to “League of Wilderness Defenders” for a tax deduction. Please call us if you’d like to volunteer or make an in-kind donation at (541) 385-9167 and send donations of needed gear or food for volunteers to the address below. Thank you

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  1. Celestron will be donating a couple of handheld compasses, GPS devices and binoculars (all demo models) for the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project. Please expect a shipment in the near future. Best wishes to you all!

    • Thank you very much for your donation. We have been short on all these items the last few seasons and having proper supplies in the field is invaluable to us.

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