Our 2018 Annual Benefit was a success thanks to you!

Karen Coulter, our Director, giving a presentation on BMBP’s work at the benefit

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project’s Annual Benefit on April 13th, 2018– it was a lovely evening with great music, a kick-ass raffle, and incredible community.We met our fundraising goal, and we are in good shape to start our upcoming field season. Special thanks to the volunteers who helped with the event– we couldn’t have done it without you!

Isobel serving delicious ‘mocktails’ at the benefit

Funds raised by the benefit will help to support this year’s field season. Every summer, our small staff and dozens of volunteers field survey thousands of acres of proposed timber sales. The information we collect is used as evidence in public comments, and in potential negotiations and litigation.

Your support and contributions are essential to defending forests on public lands, and to resisting current attacks on the environment. We are proud to have your support, and to be part of such a vibrant, artistic, and inspiring community. So many heartfelt thanks to Dolphin Midwives, Min, and Na Rosai– we are honored that you shared your splendid music and performance with us!

Tara announcing raffle prizes

Many thanks also to the generous and talented artists who donated raffle prizes and items for the silent auction. Thank you to everyone who helped with serving drinks, washing dishes, and everything in between. We want to extend extra extra special thanks to Brenna Sahatjian and Isobel Charle who worked so hard to organize this fun and successful benefit. We also want to thank the folks at Leaven Community Center—we are grateful to them for sharing their space with us, and for their warm and inclusive support of so many people and community groups.

Karen Coulter, our Director, giving a presentation at the benefit

Our Annual Benefit helps Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project fight destructive timber sales on four National Forests in Eastern Oregon. Funds raised by the benefit help to support our summer field season. Every summer, BMBP volunteers come out to camp in the woods with the directors and field survey thousands of acres of proposed timber sales. The information BMBP collects in the field becomes evidence used in the comments submitted to the Forest Service, and in potential negotiations and litigation.

Thanks you KBOO for sponsoring our event!

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project has been working to protect and restore the ecosystems of Eastern Oregon since 1991. BMBP works to stop or modify projects on public lands that threaten ecological integrity and biodiversity, such as logging, road building, livestock grazing, herbicide and biocide use, and mining. We work in the Malheur, Ochoco, Umatilla, and Deschutes National Forests. These efforts help protect numerous species, including salmon, wolves, lynx, rare woodpeckers, Pacific fishers, marten, and wolverine.

Thank you for your support!

Na Rosai performing their incredible music at our 2018 Annual Benefit