Additional resources for wolf hearing

Here are some helpful links to additional information:

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project’s prepared public testimony for the upcoming hearing is here and our written comments are here.

Pacific Wolf Coalition’s written comments can be found here.

Mother Jones magazine put together “10 Reasons Why We Need Wolves”.

Predator Defense’s “Myths and Facts About Wolves”  provides useful myth-busting.

For studies and information compiled from Yellowstone Park about ecosystem changes in response to wolf reintroduction click here.

Videos of presentations of the scientific wolf panel in 2014 at the University of Washington can be found here. While we do not endorse everything said at the panel, these videos contain some very useful information.

Several news articles explain why killing wolves in response to conflicts with livestock will backfire in most situations, and cause more livestock deaths. You can read some of the articles, including the Smithsonian and National Geographic articles about this study, hereherehere, and here.

Finally, this is a great short video on how wolves change rivers.