Action Alert-calls to congress needed to stop riders 2018

Calls to Congress are urgently needed to stop a slew of attacks on forests, wolves, and environmental protections. These “poison pill” riders are being attached to the omnibus spending bill. Please call your representatives to let them know that you are opposed to any roll-backs of environmental protections, fast-track logging, or delist wolves. Please call your senators and your representative right now!

Tell them NO rollbacks on environmental laws, NO fast tracks and shortcuts for logging, and NO new categorical exclusions (CEs).

Specifically, tell your Senators and Representatives:
*say NO to the delisting of Great Lakes wolves
*say NO to new CEs (categorical exclusions) that would allow fast-track logging of 3,000 acres of public forests without adequate public or environmental review
* say NO proposals that increase, fund, or expedite logging
* say NO to allowing the PolyMet mine in Minnesota’s Superior National Forest
* say NO to logging in Roadless Areas in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska

Let them know that you do NOT support the Wildfire Funding ‘Fix’– it won’t protect homes or communities, and will simply continue to suppress fire in the backcountry. Trading the funding fix for unfettered logging IS A BAD DEAL FOR COMMUNITIES, FORESTS, AND TAXPAYERS.

Any policy rider that rolls-back environmental protections, increases logging, funding for logging, or expedites logging is a not good for the Environment.

You can reach all Congressional representatives by calling the capitol switchboard at 202 224-3121.You can also call Schumer, and Pelosi, and Leahy as well. Thank you!

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