2019 Summer Fundraising Drive!

Botany-themed t-shirt design. Free t-shirt with donations of $200 or more. Design by Cooper, a dedicated BMBP volunteer.

Fundraising update! Donations to Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project during this fundraising drive will be matched up to $4,000 by a generous donor. Please help BMBP hire a staff attorney, so that we can more effectively defend forests, streams, wildlands, and vulnerable species on public lands in eastern Oregon.

During July, if you donate $200 or more, you can get a BMBP t-shirt (while supplies last). You have your choice between our aquatic-themed shirt (designed by our Director, Karen Coulter) or our botany-themed shirt (designed by Cooper, one of our dedicated volunteers). Botany-themed bandanas are available with a donation of $75-$200 (also while supplies last).

We are asking for your help in ensuring that our work can be even more effective and have a greater impact, now and into the future. Please make a donation to support BMBP’s fundraising drive to hire a staff attorney and expand our legal capacity!  

You can contribute a one-time donation by clicking HERE or become a monthly donor by clicking HERE.

Aquatic-themed t-shirt design by BMBP’s Director, Karen Coulter. Your choice of this t-shirt or our botany-themed t-shirt free with a donation of $200 or more.

Our small biocentric organization has been working tirelessly to fight ecologically destructive logging, grazing, and toxic herbicide use on public lands in eastern Oregon since 1991. We have a strong track record of winning court cases and setting environmentally beneficial legal precedent. (You can read about some of them here). Having a staff attorney would allow us to continue this important work without having to constantly scramble for and, due to limited resources, often not receive legal help and advice on potential cases.

Our on-the-ground field surveys are the backbone of our ecological protection work. Every summer, with the help of dozens of volunteers, we field survey thousands of acres of proposed timber sales and livestock grazing allotments in the Deschutes, Ochoco, Malheur, and Umatilla National Forests. Our field survey work has provided strong evidence in negotiations with the Forest Service and in litigation, and inspired our tireless advocacy for these magnificent wild places. You can find out more about our work here.

We hope you are able to help with BMBP’s fundraising drive. We need donations both small and large to make this happen!

Thank you in advance for considering our request, and for supporting BMBP’s goals to better defend forests and streams by expanding our legal and staff capacity.

For the Wilds,
Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project

Botany-themed bandana (design by Cooper). Available free with donations of $75 to $200.